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Real Estate

Staging.... Yes? No? Does it really matter?

Shannon V. Malone
July 13, 2019

There is so much that goes into selling your house is itreally important to stage it?  My answer to that question is yes/no/maybe….    Look at me being the font of wisdom on sellingreal estate!


It has probably been a minute since you looked at otherhouses for sale if you are thinking about selling your house or maybe you areone of those that goes to Open Houses every chance you get.  Regardless, put yourself in the buyer’sshoes, what is the first impression your house makes when a buyer walks throughthe door?


The easiest answer to the staging question is this…… yes(hold up, read the rest of this before you run out and hire a staging company).  My version of staging means declutter,repair and clean, clean and clean some more.


As we live in our houses we get used to things.  I highly recommend a pre-listing homeinspection.  Nothing tanks a salefaster than a bad home inspection. However if you had one before the house even goes on the market you canprice accordingly, disclose knowledgeably and have the issue corrected beforeit becomes a deal breaker.


You are moving anyway so pack up 88% of your things andstack them neatly in your garage, storage building or rent a storage unit.   When you put your house on themarket it becomes a commodity.   Don’t get overwhelmed by “goingthrough and yardsale-ing or giving away” your stuff.   Just pack it up and deal with it at the nexthouse.  I promise you that antiqueteapot you love in your current home will take on a whole new look in your nextplace.


Clean.  Clean.  And then clean somemore.   You know when you walkinto a really clean place, store, restaurant etc……and you certainly know whenyou walk in a place that isn’t so clean.   Don’t be that house. 


Houses that are light and airy sell so much faster than theones that aren’t.  If you have abunch of rooms that are different opinionated colors you might want to thinkabout painting a nice light gray (current color du jour) throughout the house.   This allows you at the same timeto declutter, paint, clean and ….. wait for it – stage each room as you aredeliberate about what you put back into it.  (Hint:  Once youhave painted don’t hang pictures back on the wall.)


So what if you can only do one thing in this article?    Hands down the winner isthe pre-listing home inspection.


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